False postive on my hpt?

  1. I hope it's okay to post this here...if not, I'm sorry. I have been feeling pregnant for 2 weeks and decided to test today after being late for 2 days. I bought a Clear Blue Easy (non digital) test and it immed. turned postive in less than a minute. I was excited because we have sort of been trying. I then read some complaints about this particular brand giving false positives. Any one have experience with this test? I've also been having PMS cramps for about a week. Sorry if this is TMI! I'm getting a digital test for tomorrow morning.
  2. it's actually rare to get a false positive in my experioence moderating a parenting board.
    Either your baody makes the hormone when you're pregnant or it doesn't.
    It's possible that some people think they get a false positive becasue something happens and the pregnancy is no longer viable{?}

    I think we may be congratulating you tomorrow when you update!
  3. ^^ I agree. It is rare to get a false positive, and far more common to get a false negative by testing too early. I hope you get the results you are hoping for with the next test!
  4. Well, dh brought the digital one home and I AM! I'm going to wait until I'm further along to tell my family but I had to tell someone! Thanks for responding :smile:
  5. Congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Congratulations, how exciting for you! Make an appointment with your doctor just to confirm everything.
  7. Congratulations!! Your baby looks young in your avatar. How old is he? They won't be too far apart!
  8. Congrats!!

    Let us know how everything goes!
  9. Aww Congrats!
  10. Thank you! I'm really excited...but nervous. I just hope it all goes okay.
    MH21-I'm defintely making an appt. 1st thing monday morning...I will feel much more at ease once they confirm everything :smile:
    Lamiastella-my ds is actually 3 already! I just love that picture.

    Thanks again everyone! I'll update later :smile:
  11. Congrats to you!!
  12. Congratulations!!!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! :yahoo: Congrats! Listen, I took like four pregnancy tests with all FOUR of my kids - because I was just so like "what if it's not?" but the hg hormone wouldn't be showing up if you were NOT pregnant!! Wonderful - get your tush to your doctor and set up your first appointment! You need to make sure to get your due date (although my pregnancy date wheel would help too - you just go by the date of your last period and count 40 weeks ahead) AND start your prental vitamins right away!!! Oh boy! Gosh - I'm so jealous. Those days are gone for me. I'm 40 and over having any more babies (plus hubby got "snipped") - but happy with 2 girls and 2 boys....:rolleyes:
  15. Congrats!!!!!!!