False Nails

  1. I really want to get false nails as my nails are so short and i cant seem to manage to let them grow. I want the french manicure. I have bought them in a pack before from boots but they never stay on long at all.

    Anyway i want them quite short because thats the way i prefer them. My question is do they feel weird for long? with the ones i stuck on myself they felt weird constantly and i couldnt do much with them. I dont know if that was because they were long or what.

    Anyway please reply if you have any advice on this.

    Thanks :rolleyes:
  2. I've never done them at home before... I've done them for fun before for like an hr at a girls sleep over when I was a kid and I remember them feeling rather flimsy. I would assume because the glue isn't that strong that you can hardly do much with them because they would just fall off. I have done gel and acrilic nails before and they seemed fine. I picked the length that I liked and they felt pretty much real. I did everything from write, type, even played sports.

    I would recommend going to a salon or something to get them done.
  3. When ever I get a fresh set, I'm not going to lie, my nails hurt for about a day. It's not what I would call "pain", but my nails always feel are supper tight. Once a day goes by the loosen up and for me feel fine.
  4. I've decided to go natural. A couple months ago I wanted to get acrylics again but I've decided going natural is the best way. Once you've started getting your nails done you have to keep getting them done or else your nails will become really weak, fragile, and ruined.
  5. Yes once you get nails and wear them for a while, and take them off, your nails will be weak and thin. But they won't be like that forever. They do grow back to normal.

  6. its true, but it takes a while!!! mine nails were really weak after, they look beautiful but i dont think i would do it again for a long long time.. you have to go to the salon like every other week to get fills... and its true, it hurts a little the first day
  7. ^^^ I go every 3 weeks to get my balances. I would love to get them done every other week, but for me that would be way too expensive :p