False Nails or Natural - which do you prefer?

May 7, 2007
I don't know if a thread has been started for this already but apologies if it has (I couldn't find one).

I started having Acrylic Nails done in 1991 and kept them maintained with Permanent French Manicure until 2 years ago. I suddenly decided that all my friends nails looked really nice and I was the only one who had fake nails so I took them off.

I have not had them done since and although I think they now look okay - when I look at the Jewellery subforum here and see lots of false nails I think about having mine done again - so tell me - what do you prefer, Fake Nails or Real Natural Nails? and should nails be painted or left natural?

Photos would be good too if you wish!


Feb 23, 2007
Being a hairstylist it's really hard to maintain natural nails polished and in good shape because of having my hands in constant water and chemicals and what not (sometimes gloves are impossible to wear while trying to get the job done) So i usually go with acrylic nails. Although i would LOVE to have my natural nails it's way too hard for me. :hrmm:


Jul 24, 2006
My hands look amazing with acrylics, but I keep my nails au naturel. This is going to sound crazy but when I get fake nails, I feel dirty, like there are germs under them. I scrape under them like a mad woman & evetually rip them off within a day or two if not an hour or so after I get them done. (Major waste of money). I cant even let my nails grow because they drive me crazy. Oh well, I guess I am happy with my boy hands. :shrugs:


goo chargers! :]
Apr 15, 2007
depends on the day! haha .. right now i have my natural nails - but i've been wanting to get acrylics back on. i'll have acrylics on for like a year straight .. and then back to natural for like 6 months .. and then back on to fake ones! haha!

.. so like i said, depends on the day :smile:


Feb 13, 2006
I keep my nails natural, to much going on for me to go get them done. They would probably be chipped and and a mess that same day. I try to let them grow but end up getting stressed and picking them all off. I will get pedicures though. Those last longer.


Oct 23, 2005
I love the way natural, manicured nails look, but I bite mine like crazy and the minute they grow past my fingertips, they break off. I can't keep a manicure on, either :rolleyes: So, I get sculptured pink and whites done (permanent french) and keep the acrylics nice and short. Keeps me from picking and biting because they look nice.