False Eyelashes with Super Straight Eyelashes?

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  1. I have super straight eyelashes (that are also rather short). How do I put on falsies without having my lashes stick out? Curl my lashes? But won't they still stick out b/c the curl won't match the falsies' curl?
  2. Put on your falses then curl your real lashes with the false ones.

    Or if your real ones are insanely stubborn, while you're curling them you can get a hair dryer and switch it to low/hot and "dry" your lashes while curling them. (Before you put on the real lashes)
  3. Thanks! Would mascara help my lashes "stick" to the falsies? My lashes (like my hair) don't like to hold a curl.
  4. If you plan on using your false lashes again, apply mascara before putting the false lashes on.
  5. I honestly don't know, but it wouldn't hurt to try :shrugs:
  6. I have the same problem. I have found though that using two different types of mascara on my real lashes has helped the problem. (This is after I have thoroughly curled my lashes though.) Now I don't need to wear false lashes!

    I use blinc Mascara under as my base coat and then Bare Minerals Buxom Mascara on the top. HTH!
  7. have you tried the heated lash curlers? those might help set the curl. if your lashes are quite short i would curl before applying the false lashes otherwise it will be difficult to get the curler close enough to the base.

    another option is to use a false lash style like shu uemura's smoky layers, which, as the name implies, have different layers & lengths of lashes on one strip, so your natural ones would blend in better
  8. Ita with this. I have stick straight Asian lashes that don't hold a curl, and with some mascara and a heated curler you can't really see my eyelashes under falsies unless you look really closely. I curl them after I apply the false lashes though.