False Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes

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  1. I only wear false eyelashes for special times normally and the glue I use irritates my eyes a little but not enough to worry with it.

    Now I will be wearing them for the next month or so. So you know those little shaving thingys that you can use to shape your eyebrows and all... well Im trying to save money by plucking my own eyebrows and I had the bright idea to clean up the last little stray hairs w/ this electric razoring thing. I kept thinking I was going to accidentally get my eyelashes in it but I did it anyway and now I did shave off a big chunk of eyelashes!!! Right in the middle of my eyelashes tho...not sure how that happened.

    Welcome the new age of wearing false eyelashes all the time until they grow back! So anyone know any glue that works for sensitive eyes?
  2. I wear falsies fairly often...pretty much whenever I go out in the evenings and weekends. I'm fortunate, because so far I haven't shown any sensivity to the glue. Personally, I have only seen two different glues on the market...neither of which is specific to sensive eyes. Good luck!
  3. I agree that glues for sensitive skin are difficult to find... However, there are quite a few ones listed on this site. I recommend the Ardell ones they seem to cope well with my skin and mine is ultra sensitive!