fall's off to a great start!

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  1. i'm impatient to get my hands on the rest of the incredible bags, but i'm pretty content for the moment. i traded in the blue bruna and grey stam for a grey bruna and blue zc! i plan on exchanging the blue zc for something else. i'm expecting the blue lzw to come in a few days, but i like having it around to look at because i love the color so much!

    fall's the best! you're probably so sick of hearing me say that. i know i say this about every season. i'm sorry. i can't help myself. :shame:



  2. gorgeous! i think that grey is the perfect grey! and i love the blue zc (even though you're probably not keeping it)
  3. thanks for putting up with my neurosis and helping me pick out the perfect one, roboto! the blue lzw should be here this tuesday or wednesday. the grey one isn't expected to ship until next month. [​IMG]
  4. i can't wait to see the blue lzw! maybe i'll have to track you down after you get your hair done to check them both out!
  5. i'll be in your area. i'm going to the frederic fekkai salon in soho, which is supposed to be on west broadway somewhere.
  6. Love that blue!
  7. love that blue, Tad, i think i need that color in my wardrobe
  8. I like the Bruna in that Grey, but I've got my heart set on that Blue ZC! Why don't you love it?
  9. Are you exchanging the blue ZC for a grey one? LOVE that Bruna! I saw one IRL and thought of you the other day. :P It's so gorgeous IRL, and I'm so happy you were able to decide on something you love. Congrats!
  10. the grey bruna is delicious! mmmmmm
  11. i do, i just love the large zip wallets a lot more. ;)
  12. thanks, bom. i'm exchanging the blue zc for a grey lzw or a scarf whichever's available first.

    thank you, shoegal, joke, and ant!
  13. omg K, they are both just stunning and look perfect together!!!
  14. thank you, b! :smile:
  15. Love it!