Falling out of Love with Louis vuitton ?

  1. Hi everyone, I really like this forum.
    anyways im a 16 year old male from the UK and as Im still in high school and Im a Louis Vuitton addict I get my bags bought for me for Birthdays and christmas's.

    My problem is, I pay over $900 for a Louis Vuitton bag and then when I go on a trip with my high school to France or Italy I take it with me. But Im so annoyed when another person shows up on the same trip with the same Louis Vuitton bag as me but they bought theirs for $60 from Turkey. Obviously this persons bag is fake but nobody else can tell because they have never saw Louis Vuitton before only on the TV and in Magazines.

    Is Louis Vuitton getting less exclusive ?

    I think I may be falling out of love with Louis Vuitton. :sad:
  2. this is why i buy chanel now! :smile:
  3. Just b/c comeone has some piece of :censor: fake and you have the real deal should not make you question your love for Louis. There Fuitton will fall apart and be known by ture fashonistas as a fake while yours will stand the test of time. Besides, don't buy bags for others, buy them for yourself.

    But yes I totally agree that because of Super fakes and the satan spawn I like to call Ebay, LV as a whole is getting less exclusive. But real LV with always be exclusivly reserved for hot :censor: like us.

    PS You're not the only guy here. Male LV addicts of the world unite. We're here, were toting LV murses, and we're fabulous!!!
  4. I know exactly how you feel. There are sooo many fakes that people ask you if yours is real or fake now. Ebay is awful for selling fakes. Now I try to buy exclusive bags that you will not find on ebay.
  5. oh ur a guy so am I yay!!! yeha i have a passion for lv so a plastic piece of sh*t wont stop me from loving my real gorg stuff
  6. if you love vuitton because you love vuitton then a person with a fake shouldnt bother you. Yours is real and you love it; thats all that should matter.
  7. i think the more fakes are out there, the genuine article becomes even more exclusive. everybody wants the real deal, but most can only settle for the fakes. be happy that yours is authentic. even if only you know it.... and you don't have to tell the whole world (besides fellow LV lovers like us) about it ;)

    PS: you might have to re-assess why you love LV in the first place if you're stressing about people thinking yours is fake.
  8. lol it just irritates me that I could (I wouldnt though) of bought my bag for $60 instead of $900, but I wouldnt buy a fake. But then I have my friends saying "is it real", "where did you get it"..."swear on your life its real" and that annoys me even more. My keepall had turned honey brown colour and had all the accessories which came with it including strap...the person with the fake one had no accessories, no strap and a fake suede lining...how fake can you get. yet still I get asked
  9. Maybe you can buy more leather luggage (Taiga, Utah) - as they age it's obvious they're real (especially Utah!)
  10. yeah thats a good idea but I love the LV monogram and (please dont think Im shallow or anything) but the LV monogram gets you noticed...ive been on so many dates due to it and ive been invited places just because I have LV monogram
  11. hehe...I can see why you wouldn't want to give that up :smile:
  12. lol :smile: but like I go somewhere with my Louis Vuitton, one time I was in manchester airport getting a flight to Austria and everyone was looking at me with my LV monogram. then I heard this girl say to her mum "Oh My God Look...that guys got A Louis Vuitton bag" I thought to myself...I need to get more of this stuff. And Ive been in like France this year and I had my Keepall and everyone was looking at it and when I got into the Hotel (as I went with my High School) it was amazing, this other school was there and I had 30 people come in my room to see my LV keepall , then when I showed them my pochette clefs they nearly died. they were like wow. But do not take LV in the Snow...it gets water marks :crybaby:
  13. I don't buy LV to get noticed or to get dates, so my priorities might be a little different than yours, but...

    It is NOT that LV is getting less exclusive. They have not changed their quality or timeless style, and if anything their prices have gotten higher and less affordable by the masses, not more. I agree that comments like "swear on your life its real" are obnoxious, but I think it's probably age-appropriate for kids who are your age but less mature. It will (hopefully) get easier as you get older and people learn to have some class. :yes: In the meantime, try to be patient, and be true to your sense of taste, independent of what anyone else thinks.
  14. I have been thinking about this, and isn't it the same for jewelry, diamonds, etc? Who knows whose are real and fake? I think the people who KNOW can tell. Forget about the masses.
  15. thankyou for all your advice :smile: