Falling out of Love with Louis vuitton ?

  1. Hi everyone, I really like this forum but am I the only male in here?.
    anyways im a 16 year old male from the UK and as Im still in high school and Im a Louis Vuitton addict I get my bags bought for me for Birthdays and christmas's.

    My problem is, I pay over $900 for a Louis Vuitton bag and then when I go on a trip with my high school to France or Italy I take it with me. But Im so annoyed when another person shows up on the same trip with the same Louis Vuitton bag as me but they bought theirs for $60 from Turkey. Obviously this persons bag is fake but nobody else can tell because they have never saw Louis Vuitton before only on the TV and in Magazines.

    Is Louis Vuitton getting less exclusive ?

    I think I may be falling out of love with Louis Vuitton. :sad:
  2. Hi Socialite! Lets face it...Louis Vuitton fakes are all over.
    Some bags you can really tell the difference between the real thing & fakes. I guess when a brand is really popular...they bound to have imitations.

    I still love Louis Vuitton bags even if from time to time I get irritated when I see fakes.

  3. I feel the same way you do. I see so many fakes that I hate carrying my real one's because I feel like everyone thinks mine are fake also even though I am carring an authentic bag. I just hope the fakes die off soon, because out of all of the brands LV fakes are every where were I live.
  4. lol it just irritates me that I could (I wouldnt though) of bought my bag for $60 instead of $900, but I wouldnt buy a fake. But then I have my friends saying "is it real", "where did you get it"..."swear on your life its real" and that annoys me even more. My keepall had turned honey brown colour and had all the accessories which came with it including strap...the person with the fake one had no accessories, no strap and a fake suede lining...how fake can you get. yet still I get asked :hysteric:
  5. Welcome!

    Its true.....life would be a lot easier without having all the fakes around.....
  6. Hey hun! Brither too! Yup! a msick of fakes !! & honestly thats why I don't wear any LV monogram or Multicolore cos its everywhere! (just like Burberry was stolen from us normal people by the chavs over here)

    Just know in your heart (& bask in the warm smugness you get from it..) that yours is real & theirs is going to fall apart in a month or so :biggrin:

    don't be afraid also to point out exactly why theirs is fake to them (the suede lining etc that you've already mentioned). Once they start to understand that there is a difference & you can tell they will soon start to shy away from their crappy fakes.
  7. Maybe you are not falling out of love, maybe you were never in love. :smile: Sometimes we think we are in love....but its just infatuation...hee hee.
  8. lol thankyou all for being so welcoming.
  9. I buy bags only for myself and always have a warm happy glow knowing that I own the real thing- what others do is their own business.
  10. I know how you feel. Every person in the mall is carrying LV monogram.:yucky: It is the biggest fake out there!
  11. Yeah..fakes are all over but I really don't let what other people buy affect me all that much.
    Does it bother me that fakes exsist? YES.
    But am I going to stop buying bags and pieces I love and HAVE loved for quite a few years now because of it? NO.
    My bags are real and that's all that matters to me..I think it'd be dumb for me to stop carrying them just because others have fakes. I don't carry them for the name anyway, I carry them because I know they're excellent quality and I'll have them for many years.
  12. i like knowing that my bags are not only real, but not every girl carries it, which is why ive always strayed away from lv. hope you had fun on your trip!
  13. Are you buying Louis Vuitton solely for the privilege of exclusivity? There's nothing wrong with that -- it's your money to spend as you see fit -- but if you're buying for that reason, you're going to have to accept the possibility of landing yourself in the situation you just described. You're not a special snowflake.

    The reality of the situation is that Louis Vuitton is in: both the real thing and the fakes. Some fakes are so well-made that most people can't tell the difference from afar, and then only if they know where to look close-up. Some people can't tell a "bad" fake from the real thing, and more people yet couldn't care less.

    If you're buying because you love the way they look, for the satisfaction of knowing that you earned something expensive, because you're impressed with the workmanship -- who cares what other people think?

  14. Who cares if there are a lot of fakes? I hate fakes just as much as the next person, but to use a cliche, imitation is a form of flattery. That said, if someone wants to believe that my bag is a fake, so be it--at least I won't get mugged if some thief thinks that I am just some poor, fashion-challenged woman carrying a cheap knock-off!
  15. actually, i;m totally NEVER FALL IN LOVE with any monogram bags either LV or Gucci... exception made for LV's multicolore and limited editions :P