Falling out of love with a bag...

  1. I've fallen out of love with my Mulberry Bayswater...I just bought it last month after I got bitten by a Mulberry bug...I stayed up late researching the damn bag. I got so excited when I saw it on the sale table at Neiman's and snatched it up right away. I used it a few times at work, and it held up pretty well. But...I don't know. I just fell out of love with it. The design is too simple, and the color is just ok (olive). I haven't gotten any compliments about it (unlike when I carry my stam or Paddies!). It's too bad because it's really a classic and beautiful bag...but after a month with it, all i gotta say is "meh".

    I think I will return it...I put it in its dustbag and put back all the tags and receipts. I'm not feeling bad about it, actually. It will help even out those two Paddies I just bought :yes:

    Anyone been in a similar situation?:rolleyes:
  2. Um, you used it and your taking it back to the store??

    Any bags I don't love anymore I sell on eBay.
  3. I think using a bag and returning it really isn't a good idea. It's one thing if you've modeled it around your house, but to use and return isn't fair to the store or to the next person who buys the bag expecting a brand-new item.

    If you're not happy with the bag, you should sell it to a friend or on eBay or craigslist.
  4. I don't see how you could return it unless it is in brand new condition. Your regret shouldn't mean someone else gets a used bag.
  5. I used it maybe once or twice...and it was very very lightly. I have other bags that I use too, during the course of a week. It is still good as new.

    I've bought many bags that were returns and they were obviously used a couple of times. Don't be surprised that the bags you've bought from the store aren't as factory fresh and virginal as you'd think it would be.

    Mind you, i said i THINK i will return it. Meaning, I haven't returned it to the store. I'm contemplating keeping it, or selling it on ebay as well. It is still in brand new condition.
  6. maybe keep it a little longer and you might end up liking it again and if not then maybe sell it on ebay or to a friend.
  7. just checked the receipt and it's too late to return anyway. looks like it is destined for ebay. too bad that the bayswater doesn't have a very good resale value.
  8. I say keep the bag! Bayswater is a truly classic and timeless bag..give her the chance to let it grow on you..it will be worth it! Appreciate the simplcity of the bag (esp. when so many 'it' bags nowadays are jam-packed with details) and of course the delicious leather!

    Mulberry rocks!
  9. hehe, thanks for the vote of confidence Mulfreak! I'll give her a couple of weeks and see how I feel after :flowers:
  10. I'd buy it from ya if it wasn't olive! haha
  11. I agree with keeping it. If you got a good deal on it, why not? The Mulberry leather really mellows and ages nicely so you may end up loving it more as it stays with you. Also, there are a lot of trendy bags du jour out there. A classic is a good thing.
  12. It has happened to me. Sometimes I realize quickly and other times I think the good feeling will return and I have an unused bag sitting in the closet. It sounds like you really loved it at first, so maybe if you store it for a bit, you'll feel better about it eventually.