Falling out of bag love

  1. I just realized that I have fallen out of love with the Paddington that used to be my favorite bag. I remember the first time I laid eyes on the paddington. It was truly love at first sight and I had to have one. That was probably 3 years ago. Now I use it is as a "knock-about" bag. It's not even on my good bag list.

    It's weird because I usually keep all of my bags and still carry them years after they are out of vogue. But I don't even care about this bag anymore. And the sad thing is I wanted this one more than any of my other bags when I got it.

    Weird. I finally understand why people get rid of their old bags.
  2. I think there was such a big HOoplaah around the paddy, that it got way too glamorized, because all the celebs were carrying one. But nevertheless it's a pretty bag, and maybe after a while (in a few years time) it'll feel fresh again!
  3. ....I'll take away your..."troubles" for you....:graucho::nuts:

    No just kidding..I kind of understand what you're saying but haven't had exactly that feeling about any of my beloveds yet. As I read your post I imaged falling out of love with my current flames, :crybaby:it was a scary thought. As for the "similar" feeling I had..I had fallen out of love with the first two designer bags I'd ever bought and wanted to sell them a few months ago (to fund new goodies). They didn't sell so I kept them..but then I realized recently how much I did love them.

    So this may happen to you..I'd be careful about rushing into selling my bags and think about it a lot. If you only have one paddy then I'd keep it just because it's just one and it did bring you joy before.
  4. That happened to me with a few of my Gucci bags. I held onto them anyway and eventually they felt fresh to me again after being out of rotation for a while. Maybe you need a break from your bag?
  5. Much as I love my bags, they inevitably become familiar and I drift into not loving them quite so much. At that point I put them away with many sighs and fond thoughts, and find a new love to spice up my life. There always comes a time, though, when I think that my beloved Coach or LV is the perfect bag again, and bring her back out for a spin. Inevitably, I love the bag all over again, just not as exclusively. I have given a few away to good homes over the years, but just know if I sold one I would live to regret it. I agree with others here . . . give your Chloe a rest and find a new bag to pal around with. After a while, your old friend might feel exciting again!
  6. I agree with what the others have said, I think its time to retire the bag, and come back to it later when u feel uve missed using it.
  7. I think sometimes we just get tired of our bags, especially our favorites because we tend to use those the most. As others have said, maybe just put it away for awhile, and you may fall back in love!
  8. I feel like that bag has had it's time and now it's kind of fading away. I'm sure that you will enjoy the bag again though in a couple of years.
  9. yeah I take your Paddy for you. I still think it's a great bag.