Falling in LVOE!

  1. Starting the club for LVOE stuff :smile:

    Here's my LVOE bandeau!



  2. I LOVE it. Where's mine? : (
  3. gorgeous!
    i wish i could join... maybe someday!
  4. I have the Love Scarf and I wish I could have the Bandeau, too. But it's already sold out here :sad:
  5. It's gorgeous! Love it.
  6. Count me in with the bandeau
    IMAGE_00197.jpg IMAGE_00198.jpg IMAGE_00199.jpg IMAGE_00200.jpg
  7. ^ Gorgeous ways of tying the bandeau! Thanks for the ideas :smile:
  8. So cute, I love the bandeau! I want one now..
  9. I bought the LVOE bandana last night on eBay from seller eboutique. .cant wait to receive it.. i know i paid over retail but my store is only getting two, and i might not be able to get it, plus with all the fees from getting it from dubai to qatar, it comes out to around the price anyway!! will post pics when its here :smile: !
  10. just bought the bandeau myself, ts coming from bar harbor i believe they said... YAY
  11. Congrats!
  12. Orodruin, you should be a model! I loooove your perfect face. :heart:.
  13. How did I not post in here lol?
    Here's my bandeau tied on my bags and used as a hair band.
    450095214_3dc168273a.jpg 454888235_8d41626aaf.jpg 450095218_c3210e621e.jpg
  14. Gorgeous everybody!
    it looks so good on the miroir, I lvoe it!
  15. :shame: Need another smiley with more blushing cheeks, lol. Thanks for the compliment, John!

    Can't wait to see all the other LVOE stuff coming in. Phone charms, brooches, totes... yummy! Totes especially, since I LVOE them but I don't think I can afford to splurge on them :sad: