Falling in love with the khaki cabas from this board!

  1. I have one in black and, despite my initial reservations, I completely and totally adore it. Now, I think I need one in khaki!! Silly to have 2 of the same type of bags? Plus--will I ever be able to find one? I have the black coco, a gorgeous red classic flap in the crackled patent, so I really need something in the brown family to round out my initial Chanel collection, right:yes:
  2. I used to be a strong proponent of multiples of the same bag if you love it. At one point I had five Chloe Paddington satchels! The usage was becoming less and less with each bag for the price I paid, so I pared down to one, the original color I fell in love with upon discovering the bag.

    With my Chanel collection I will only have one of each style, in the color that best respresents that style (subject to personal taste of course!). For instance, I have four black Chanel bags each from a different ligne; two brown; two beige. It makes for a more well rounded collection, IMO.

    The khaki is lovely but honestly, I think the Cabas style was made for more rugged leather such as the black, navy and teal.
  3. Thank you! That is great advice. I tell you, I am hooked on Chanel now. I bought my first in early December and then my second a couple of weeks later. I held off for years, but I have certainly fallen down that slippery slope! :yes:
  4. I have to say that I love my Chanel bags, however, each of my 5 Chanel bags are totally different. When I carry them people don"t think I am carrying the same bag or the same style in a different color. Don't know about the rest of you but I love to switch it up and look different. I do love my other designer bags and love to keep things interesting.
  5. I started my Chanel collection in early 2006. My first purchase was the Cambon tote black w/ white cc. Then I purchased the silver Camera Bag from the Luxury Ligne, then the black GST, then the black patent clutch. Then the black w/ black cc Reporter. So I have the basic black in different styles, the silver metallic and now my khaki baby Cabas in on the way another metallic in the browns, it is more bronze, so once I have purchased something in gold. I will feel I have covered all the basic colors and can start on the "fun" colors--- red, purple, yellow, green--- ohhhh I am so addicted to Chanel-- help!!!
  6. So true--it is going to become an addiction!!
  7. I have purchased the khaki, but at this point unless I find another Chanel bag in a pure stark white, like the white on the Cabas or MC, I will be trying to find a white baby Cabas to purchase.
  8. Funny I am actually thinking the opposite thing, I think since the Baby Cabas already has a pretty simple design that the bronze color adds more fun and make it more eye-catching but without making the bag being tacky. That's why I like bronze and dark silver the most. I do like the navy too but found black in the cabas style a little bit boring to me, just another huge big black unstructured bag.

    As to different colors for the same bag, I personally wouldn't buy different colors for the same chanel bag (if I have the $$$ I would!) But with the limited funding I try to have different (best in my opinion) color for different style (except that I really love chanel flap bag and I plan to buy more in the future, but maybe of different sizes, leather types, chain and other detail variation etc.).
  9. Hmm... if I had the $$$, I would buy the coco cabas in every single color. I love this bag so much, it probably isn't healthy.