Falling in love with Tano all over again

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  1. I really love my tag leather tanos, but am not fond of the crunch or crackle leathers.

    My Suzy Hotrod in the new cloud leather arrived today and WOW -- she looks and smells like a million bucks!

    And they have started sending sleepers. so she will have her own special bed instead of having to sleep in a pillow case like the other Tano girls:okay:
  2. Ooh which colour did you get? I was considering one in Scotch Whiskey - but now I might wait for other seasons since I got a HH and a Gerald Darel. I do have a Loveboat, which is made of the same leather as suzy hotrod and I love it!

    Tano Expert (she's the owner of Musthavebag.com) and she specially make sleeper bags for the Tanos that she sells. If you get them elsewhere you won't get them! So I am assuming that you ordered from her!
  3. I love the cloud leather. It's not so shiny or plastic looking and it's great they now have dustbags. I think the Suzy Hotrod's on sale at Musthavebag.com
  4. I got the scotch whiskey and it is GORGEOUS!

    And yes, I did get it from musthavebag, but two of my other tanos came from them without the sleepers, so I must have ordered them before she started making the sleepers.
  5. Darn, I was a week too late for the tPF $20 off, and I guess I was a week too early for this sale.

    I wonder if I can stretch the budget to fit a second bag in two weeks?

    Going off to check the fridge and pantry to see how long I can go without buying food....
  6. I'll give you the current promo, which started yesterday on 9 styles, including suzy- $20 off and free shipping. Thats $7 better than the $20 TPF discount- no worries! :okay:
  7. Thanks! Your cloud leather bags are so underpriced for the quality that I feel sort of guilty for getting such a great bag at such a bargain, but I really do appreciate it:yahoo:
  8. Tano bags are a lot of bang for the buck, I always say. And you're welcome.:heart:
  9. Can anyone give me the short course on the difference between Cloud leather and Lenny leather??? Looking forward to my first Tano bag... TIA!
  10. Post pics!!!
  11. Tano's bags are divine.... I have stopped buying any other bags!
  12. I am beginning to understand all of the beautiful merits of Tano! I have purchased many bags, only to be disappointed after a while. I say that the quality is amazing for the price!!
  13. This is an old thread from last May 2007! Please excuse my post above^^from last year regarding an old promo/discount in my store. When I started posting here I did not know that sort of thing was against the rules. I thought it was just free, open chatting here (like on IT bag.) I know better now. Sorry!