Falling in love with my DS...again...

  1. I have not carried my black large DS tote in a while, but brought her to Portland with me for a conference...I fell in love with her again! :love:


    Those of you that have been to recent trunk shows...is there a similar bag for spring/cruise or is it all about the small coco?

    I visited the Saks in Portland yesterday...they had a small red DS on the shelf...oh how I wish it would have been the large size...but wanted to share in case anyone is searching...

    Other bags on display...
    white modern chain flap (the only MC bag)
    several cloudy bundle totes (I recall black, unsure of other colors)
    luxe line totes in black (and red, I think)
    luxe line black flap (I tried this one on and almost...)
    luxe line black bowler (I think in medium and large/jumbo...the large was very, very large)
    a few vintage ligne totes

  2. Oh, I love your bag too!!
  3. I love your bag too. I know its impossible to get this large in red, but does the Saks in Portland still have this large in black?
  4. Portland only had the small, red DS tote...oh how I would love to find another large...
  5. SoCal,

    I have the small, black DS tote and I love it:love: !! Been using it everyday since I got it and my only complaint is it is a heavy bag (good thing I don't carry that much:shame: . I'd love to have one in red if my funds weren't limited:lol: . Do you find your large DS heavy with stuff in it?

  6. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to have a love affair with her DS bag!!! I still gaze at her lovingly - I love her more than my black Reissue, which is perhaps sacrilige, but I can't help it! The DS is by far my fave style from Chanel's fall line.
  7. I do that a lot too....it takes me a while to fall in love with my purses. It's sort of like men, although they may be pretty, it's spending time with them and their personality that wins my heart!
  8. the bag is just gorgeous!
  9. What a beauty.
  10. Hi Amy. I don't find the DS to be heavy...she is now back in her dust bag and I am debating my "next attack"...another H bag, DS in white, MC in black...who knows...
  11. you should definitely carry the DS more often. It's so pretty, and looks to be the perfect size for work.