falling in love with mabel hobo - oh dear

  1. I am on the sofa, considering selling bags to lighten up the credit card a bit, then find myself drawn to the mabel hobo in black:drool:. Have any of you actually tried it on anywhere (it's still 'coming soon' online) and if so, what did you think? I really should stay on the sofa but... and I'm in London next weekend... help help!
  2. ^^ I'm interested in Champagne leather (hobo, new Mabel or Bays!!)- but when I asked Bond St if any of them would be in this weekend (14/15 Feb) they said call again on Thursday but unlikely... :sad:
    Black hobo is that new 'spongy' leather isn't it, I'm looking forward to seeing that as well in pink with new small Mabel... Come on Mulberry how long should we wait!?
  3. Haven't seen one IRL yet, but it looks very fabulous in the pictures!
  4. I thought it was lush in the brochure piccies so can completely understand why you want it :smile:
  5. Looking forward to seeing it too, curious about spongy leather, sounds very unusual.
  6. I contacted Customer Services regarding a more defined expected date for 'coming soon' items, they were not very helpful, appears they have no information on expected date.
  7. I'm going to the Bond St store on Sat, so if i see one will test it out (purely for research purposes :graucho:) Am hoping to try on the shoes too!
  8. I also love it online. Felt the spongy leather in hof on Saturday, and it is just as it says.... slightly spongy almost pebbled leather, lovely jubbly....they didnt have the mabel hobo in yet their either:tup:
  9. If you buy one, please post lots of modelling pics! Could you also ask in what colours it will be available?
  10. I am absolutely in love with it too! I suspect I'll be grabbing one as soon as it is for sale. :drool:
  11. Shpaholicmum, I'm going to Bond St Saturday afternoon too, so if you see a slightly overwrought woman with a dark brown bob and a black coat, come and say hello as it may be me!

  12. I'm taking my daughter birthday present shopping, and am going to plan a route that takes us via the Mulberry shop (of course) :graucho: Will probably be there around 10 am so if you see a curly haired women drooling on all the bags with a very embaressed looking child, that's me!
  13. Sadly, i won't be buying one, i'm trying not to buy any new bags at the moment - but i really want to go there to see all the new style handbags.
  14. Could you still please ask about the colours?
  15. Yes will do , no problem :yes: (it would be nice in oak :drool:)