Falling in love with a neglected Chloe.

  1. Poor Tracy, she's been in my closet pretty much all Summer. Betty ended up being the Dark Horse when it should have been Mastic Tracy all along.

    As we all know Summer is coming to an end and I decided to liberate Tracy last week and thus made a concerted effort to orchestrated my outfits to match the purse instead of the other way around. She just sang folks and did not disappoint. Also as I was studying her in the car while DH and I were going out to dinner I noticed something that I've never seen before. The front pocket has zippers on both sides revealing a little compartment underneath, what a highly intricate detailed bag??? Wow!:tup:. I still marvel over the tiny bullet nose nuts with their cute hexagon sides.

    A black Tracy would be cool, darn when Sachoce had one on sale gulp, I should have bit. Good score to the individual who did!!!

    Needless to say, I'm in love again.
  2. Susie - you have LOT of bags to be in love with. I don't know which of your's is my favorite????

  3. I don't know which Chloe is my favorite, but for that matter do you???.:roflmfao:

    I think I love the purse that makes my outfit sing perfectly the moment I'm wearing it. I strut in front of the mirror and chant, yea you da purse for me today, aren't you pretty!! You make me feeeel pretty!!!!!!!!!!!:smile:

    But SHEESH my small tribe of bags are going to have to live up to that expectation for a LOOOOOONGGGGGG TIMMMMMMME.

    It's that little phrase that keeps popping up around this board , perhaps you guys have heard of it? It's called a
    "purse ban"...........:idea: