Falling in love for small Aumoniere...

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  1. These are my aumoniere just arrived!!
    Grey and Cornlower.:yes:
  2. absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:drool::wlae: one for each wrist!!!!!
  3. where did you get them......nice.......
  4. I bought them this week in Italy, near Florence, there is a wonderful luxury outlet called The mall.
  5. Cool, I have an emerald and I love it.
  6. ive never seen these before, they're cute!
  7. [​IMG]
    These are beautiful sweetie!!!! Love them!!!!
  8. Wow, love 'em. Congrats
  9. How cute!!! Congrats... I've never seen these before. Pretty c:huh:Ol :tup:
  10. love them! how can anyone not love these little cuties?!
  11. Awesome finds! They are super cute!
  12. LOVELY! Every since I saw one IRL, I fell in love with it! Both are beautiful! Enjoy!
  13. So cute!
  14. lucky you! They're so cute :heart:

    Can't believe you found them at an outlet... awesome!:nuts: do you mind me asking how much they were?
  15. Wow, great finds! The cornflower is such a pretty color, especially! They will be so useful.

    I wish we had a Balenciaga outlet in the U.S., you are so lucky!