Falling in love again....

  1. WOW, chinkee!!! :tup: That leather is just a puddle of dreaminess!
  2. Spectacular! Welcome back!

  3. The leather on that bag is just AMAZING. I'm so jealous right now!
  4. Falling in LOVE..again..and NO wonder with such a gorgeous bag to drool over..congrats and thanks for the flash plus daylight shots to compare.
  5. Beautiful, I love it!
  6. Oh wow! I love it! just Gorgeous!!!
  7. chinkee, congrats on being in love again!:yahoo:

    She is really photogenic and looks stunning! The leather is so smooth and buttery soft, it looks divine!
  8. Wow chinkee, that is a beautiful vibrant colour!! Glad that you've fallen in love with it again!
  9. Congratulations
  10. Wow~ She's beautiful! I love that color! I think I need to get me a red BBag! Great! Something else to add to my wish list, that's all I need! ANyway, I absolutly love your bag! The color, the leather, Everything! I love it when you realize you appreciate a bag much more than you thought you did! I was like that with my Chloe Maggie!
  11. Totally!
    I would be falling in love the 2nd time too if I have that fine specimen :biggrin:

    Totally gorgeous dear "R" :heart:
  12. That's a fiiiiiiine looking bag to fall in love with for a second time ;) The leather is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
  13. :ty:glossie, delimano, amiekbs8, AllHailtheQueen, jo_ee, Nanaz, Colleen V., hellosunshine, blue genes, willowsmom, Radissen, quilter, SweetPurple, ivyouwho, gemibebe, daphodill84, Lady Chinadoll, CleoCouture, aki_sato & ladybugfreckle for all the lovely compliments!!!:cutesy:
  14. I'm loving the leather and the color is so rich and elegant!
  15. absolutely divine!! hope you lavish her with all kinds of new attention and love now!! a bag like that can't sit in a dustbag all day!!