Falling fast and hard for Hermes scarves! But is there a Lily of the Valley Scarf??

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  1. I've fallen fast and hard for H scarves. I never imagined myself as a scarf person--honestly didn't think I could pull it off. But, I LOVED looking at pic. after pic. of gorgeous scarves on equally gorgeous Pf'ers.

    But now I've fallen madly in love with a particular scarf....and I'm already on the list at NM for the anniversary scarf, and now I"m asking all the experts out there if there is a H scarf with Lily of the Valley? If there is one, I will search far and wide for this scarf, as it will always remind me of my late grandmother--Lily of the Valley was her favorite flower. Please any help or pointing in the right direction would be so appreciated! :heart:
  2. emanu, I don't know... but I thought you may find this review of interest:
    Picture 6.jpg
  3. Rose,

    Thank you so much....it sounds lovely! I might have to add this to the list.
  4. Emanu,

    A vintage scarf called the Language of Flowers has a Lilly Oo the Valey on it I believe.
    Quai aux Fleurs had a few blossoms that resemble them if you find it in the right colorway.

    I don't believe there is a scarf solely with Lily of the Valley as the sole motif however.

  5. Quinn's Mom - Thank you so much for your help....the search begins!