Falling eyelashes...

  1. I am not blessed with curled up eyelashes, so I have to use a curler. :sad:
    The Shu Umera (?) one from Sephora is nice, but I have noticed that at least a couple of eyelashes fall out a day.

    Is this typical? Am I using it wrong? How many of your eyelashes fall out a day? Thanks!
  2. If your eyelashes are falling out without it's roots, then that's a problem. It means that you are squeezing too hard with the curler and actually breaking them off. Do you change the pad on your curler every so often?
    If your eyelashes are falling out with it's roots, then that's normal. When I remove my makeup at night, I see about one or two eyelashes on each cotton pad (for each eye).
  3. Your lashes just like your hair will grow out and fall out naturally, but if you're noticing that more lashes are falling out after using the curler, you could be pinching too hard.

    Your eyelashes are delicate and trauma could be a result of the loss. I used to get eyelash extensions and the false lashes would fall out when the natural ones grew out but it wasn't falling out on a daily basis but then again I have really sparse and thin lashes.
  4. I do see roots! I'm so happy you are telling me that's normal. I know it sounds silly, but I was afraid they were not going to grow back...

    Thank you!!!
  5. Thanks for the tip! BTW, did the eyelash extensions hurt while they were putting them on?
  6. Be gentle with your lashes...I've heard that Jan Marini "Miracle" Lash Serum works amazingly well.. My mum got eyelash extensions a few months ago, and it did not hurt at all- trust me, she has a low treshold for pain... so it's virtually painless...
    Beauty snob did a review about the eye lash serum:
    Jan Marini "Miracle" Lash Serum (Beauty Snob)