Falling back in love with sushi...but is it healthy?

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  1. Hey all,

    Many of you know from the health & fitness thread that I've been trying to eat healthier in the spirit of better health, hopefully lower BP and shed a few pounds that have crept up with the 40-something decade, LOL. I've been experimenting with a combo of raw, vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy free (all of which are very different I'm finding out).

    I am falling in LOVE with sushi again and am obsessed with it and wasabi...love that hot burn!! Is there any benefit of getting it with brown rice vs. white rice?? Skipping the soy sauce to cut back on sodium? It "feels" healthy to me, but I wonder.

    BTW this is the super cool sushi set I got at chefscatalog.com to serve my takeout at home!!


    XXXOO PGal
  2. brown rice is better than white rice because white rice is stripped of the nutrients that brown rice has. I believe that brown rice has more fiber too!

    I love sushi :smile:
  3. I love sushi! Sushi is generally good for you as long as you stay away from the fried stuff like shrimp tempura sushi or katsu sushi. And if you're worried about sodium, most places have low sodium soy sauce (usually in a green bottle) which tastes the same to me.
  4. I love sushi! I eat it several times a week. I'm sure it's better for you with brown rice and without soy sauce, but I like mine with white rice and tons of soy sauce. Oh well. I'm sure it's better than Burger King.
  5. I looooove sushi and sashimi. I'm not a huge rice fan with other dishes so sashimi is very satisfying.

    You've probably heard health warnings about eating tuna (I think) since it has high mercury count so you might want to eat less vs. other fish.

    REALLY CUTE sushi set to use for your take out. Makes eating much more fun!! :tup:
  6. love love love sushi!!! i sometimes go to sushi train twice a week. it's addictive isn't it...

    i think you only need to watch out for the calories in white rice, other than that, sushi is great for you. i'm on jenny craig recently and they give me sushi dine out days so it can't be bad.
  7. I agree; I think the calories are in the rice. For carry out once I start getting full, I ditch the rice and just eat the fish. I don't do this in restaurants here, fear of insulting the chef/restaurant.
  8. I work in a sushi restaurant and have been for the last 4 years, so here's some insight :smile:

    request your rolls/nigiri with easy rice - the rice mixed with the sushi vinegar will come back to get you later. Sushi rice is the most horrible stuff I can eat now, only nigiri sized I can handle.

    Skip the soy sauce, I don't know why people think that stuff is even healthy for you to start from, I always laugh when people ask for the low-sodium, it's really the same thing - I sometimes use ponzu

    Brown rice will be hard to find in a lot of sushi places, it's an expense issue really - my boss finds it unnessecary to buy both white/brown and then labor into both and have only limited customers buy.

    It is possible to get a roll wrapped in cucumber than made with seaweed, if you don't like soypaper as well. Request to see if your chef will make it with this

    If I can remember anything more I'll try to add it
  9. Just avoid rolls that contain tempura or fried items, and those with mayo or other creamy sauces. Also, i heard that eel (my fav!) wasn't very good for you because it's really fatty.
  10. Totally forgot that U.S. has those delicious rolls with tempura, mayo and other fried items; agree with the previous posters that you should stick with the simple nigiri with the fish...
  11. ...hey, great info and thanks everyone! I do indeed avoid anything fried, and and there is a great spot I go to lunch on occasion with co-workers that has kick butt nigiri.

    I have recently switched to using Bragg's Liquid Aminos as a soy sauce substitute. It does have sodium, but far less than soy I imagine.

    penance, is a roll wrapped in cucumber that much better than seaweed? Is seaweed (nori?) a concern, ooc?

    Thanks, everyone!!
  12. actually I meant 'it's possible to use a cucumber wrap then rice' seaweed is nutritious
  13. ^^ gotcha, hugs and thanks!
  14. My fave is the dynamite roll, which is probably quite unhealthy. I know of a supermarket that sells brown rice sushi but it's quite rare in restaurants. I would be interested in trying it with brown rice as well, but so far I can only eat the rolls.
  15. i've had sushi from whole foods. they have really delicious brown rice salmon avocado rolls. they're really filling as well for just the 8 pieces. mmm...