falling back in love...want vs need!

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  1. i gave up on finding my beautiful magenta mia satchel once they hit outlets...out of sight, out of mind (sorta). but i was just rambling to my sa about bags i missed out on- and she said they still had quite a few at jax. i didn't order at the time, but i'm seriously considering it.

    i've wanted this bag since i first saw it...should i suck it up and pay the $428? i don't NEED this bag, but i WANT it quite badly...

    what do you all think?!:love:

  2. welllllll......i probably shouldn't even say this, but if you want it ( and God knows you have for awhile ) you'll hate that you didnt get it :shrugs:
  3. i know...i always talk about this bag, asking if people have seen it.

    and i will SERIOUSLY kick myself if it sells out before i buy it...but $428 is SO much money...and it's not like i can use the pce coupon on it. :sad:
  4. they had the brown and white ones at the outlet (i think they were mia's...didn't pay close attention)...maybe i should settle for one of those?
  5. i recently ordered 2 bags from JAX that were both from last year...luckily they were still available even though still full price
    i am so glad i did...as i love these 2 bags more than anything that has been out in the last year...it was one of those things where you just want to kick yourself for not purchasing in the first place.so i figured if they can still be ordered and you still love it that much...it;s ment to be!!!...go for it...
    and you probably wont be sorry
    besides.....coach is so great you can always return/exchange if you change your mind.sometimes you have to see something again IRL and try it on in order to be really sure......
    gosh i so rambled on about this///sorry but hope it helps!!!:yes:
  6. Well, you could order it and simply leave the tags on so, like Cathi said, you can return it if you don't use it. I wouldn't settle for another color though, that color is simply striking and it's hard to find the right red bag! (yep, us enablers are at it again!)

    ETA: Kallison! WAIT! Isn't it still LOVE YOURSELF WITH COACH month?? Valentine's Day hasn't even gotten here yet so it must be! And red is the perfect color for a LYWC gift!
  7. Kallison:

    I went to the Coach Outlet at Woodbury Common Plaza over the weekend
    and purchased the Soho black leather satchel No. 10036. I am not sure I am going to keep it as the straps just don't stay on your shoulder and while I need a black leather bag I don't want to carry it in my hands. They did have the satchels you were looking for in the tobacco but not the color you are looking for. If you really want it I say go for it. You can always return it if you decide differently.;)
  8. :yes: I say go for it!! Its a gorgeous bag and like others have mentioned, if you have been lemming for it - you'll probably wish you had it even a while down the line...

    As a side note, I have the Mia in whiskey and I love the functionality of the bag... its just big enough to hold everything you need and the pockets on the sides were fantastic!! So, I vote YES for the Mia!! (Plus that red/magenta color is hot!!)
  9. kallison, can you or someone post a pic of this bag?
  10. what two bags did you buy?
  11. Kallison,
    I bought this bag at the outlet for $239 in white. they had the brown also.but not the red.
    go for it, since you really want it, you won't be sorry.
  12. kallison, I say get it! :yahoo:

    You can always return it or exchange it for something else... :graucho:
  13. kallison - ever since I've been on this forum, you've been lusting after that Mia. You're right that it is a lot of money to spend. But, if you're going to use it and love it, therefore getting your money's worth out of it, then I think you should stop torturing yourself and go for it! I've seen tobacco and white mias at the outlet once in a blue moon, but never that color, so waiting in hopes that it pops up may not work.

    Don't let this be "the bag that gets away" . . . again.

    And, as tloveshim so kindly pointed out, it is "love yourself with Coach month"!
  14. i want that magenta color- pink is "my" color and suits me very well (if i do say so myself).

    and when i went to the outlet, i saw the ones in tobacco and white...but it's not just the satchel i want- it's the satchel PLUS magenta. package deal...