Fallen out of love?

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  1. Has anyone else fallen out of love with their Balenciaga's? I went crazy a few months back and bought a few items. I just don't feel the excitement when I look at their products anymore. Do you thinks it's the lack of selection? It makes me really sad because I was so in love at the time.
  2. i honestly don't get what's to be sad about this. you just move on, no? i wish my baladdiction would stop soon... the money can definitely be put to better use.
  3. A couple of months ago my circumstances changed dramatically. I looked at all my bags, particularly my B-bag collection, and thought - you have just been crazy, they are all so similar, why have you been wasting your money - sell them.

    However, now I go back and know that I still love most of them and want more. I think that it took a bit of a break to make me appreciate why I love Bal. I will certainly chose some bags to sell but will probably use the money to buy a few more very carefully chosen bags.
  4. I think for me I'm after the perfect leather bag- the 05 and the fall 07 collection especially allure my eyes! :upsidedown:

    I went from dooney to coach to LV to balenciaga back to LV and then have been madly in love with balenciaga because the fact that it's leather and VERY VERY soft and special leather (IMO)

    I think you may just need a break for a bit.....?
  5. I went thru a similiar period not that my situation changed dramaticlly but I had an "overdose" sold a few bags bought other brands etc...now I am back but choose more carefully (at least most of the time).
  6. Baladdiction, i love this word, so funny.
    i wish mine would stop soon too...
    i'm still very in love with this brand and i don't look at other brands at all. i used to be in love with prada and some gucci a couple of years ago. but i'm done now with these two brands, sold some of these bags, along with one YSL and don't regret them at all.
    and my selection is made with the colors and style i love. i think my collection is quite complete now, the 08 colors and leather don't attrack me that much, except one, turquoise. :nuts:
  7. Why do you think you've fallen out of love? The selection is so wide: you've got the 2341 different colors, then the different styles, and then you've got different hardware choices, and then you've got accessories in diff styles, colors and hardware too :smile:

    Just take a break, we all tend to buy crazily when we first get hooked and after a while we slow down. You may find that after a while, you'll get excited by some new style that you've not tried before, or a new color. And if you don't, then that's fine too. You can put your $$$ to other good uses. :smile:
  8. huh? :blink: did I miss something? 2341?

    amberLV: As much as I love the motorcycle style, I have to admit that the front design of the bags can look similar, but like glossie said, it's not a sad thing. Maybe you'll find your way back to Balenciaga a few years down the road, when some new styles come in.
  9. I understand, I purchase bags from other designers :nuts: I can't be faithful to just one...I buy the bags, the styles, the colors that I like. I have very varied assortment.

    That being said, I can see how Bals can be addicting... there's always another pretty color - not just the new ones, you can spend time lookng for the older ones too... the leather is so yummy...

    I have not tried to sell any of them yet, but I am considering selling some of the ones that I haven't worn lately... I'm running out room in my closet!
  10. I used to be like that with LV.....I'd go crazy buying every mono style imaginable only to come to realize that I don't need 25 different bags because even though the style was different, the pattern was always the same. Since I discovered Bal, I've sold off almost my whole LV collection with the exception of my Speedy 25 and have since purchased 7 Bal's, traded & sold 4 and am now left with 3 and a classic Black City on the way. I didn't go too crazy with Bal because as much I love all the gorgeous colors, I can't justify buying so many in the same style and not having anything to wear with them. I only choose the colors that I'm comfortable with or know will suit me and am happy with that and in staying with that mentality, I'm still as much in love with them when I started in Aug '07 but not in love to the point where I'm addicted. :yes:
  11. ^^ my love affair w/balenciaga is seemingly never-ending :girlsigh:...everytime i think i'm done collecting b-bags, i sell to buy more...but i've realized i'm not a "color-kind-of-gal" & my collection is all black except for my sapin '06 work (which is almost black in some light) :p...i'm much more careful now about the pieces i choose before i buy or hit the BIN button...and since most the newer colors & lamb-leather aren't for me, it makes it easier to hold back...there's not much out there i haven't already owned, so i know what works for me & i'm sticking to that...and although i think '07 was a great year for everything except black (due to fading issues), what i wish is that they could go back to making 'em like they used to ('03-'05)...but i guess everything good must come to an end eventually & that's why i'm clinging to my older, treasured b-bags for dear life...and hope to use the life out of them before my time's done (lol!!!) :tup:
  12. AmberLV I think there may be a slight shift going on out there - now this is just my personal opinion and i'm not a huge collecter, I've only got 3 due to the fact that I simply can't afford it!!, but I've been tracking the value of bbags over the past year and I think the value of the "average" bbag is starting to decline [and very possibly because other people are starting to think like you....hmm.. it's interesting). more special bags (esp earlier editions are holding their value true enough and it's certainly not going to stop me collecting over time, but slowly and gradually. But I have definitely noticed less bags achieving high prices on eBay, and quite a few coming in considerably lower than this time last year....
  13. Maybe you are getting what I have heard of called "self control".
    Enjoy it.
  14. i don't considering myself an addict of bbags so i guess i'll be safe from ever having an addicting;) i only have 4bbags (3 bags and 1 hybrid) and 1 on its way. i love bbags, because their color's so fun, but i don't think i'll ever give up any other brands either.

    i also am inclined to agree with the price coming down on e***, i have definitely noticed that bags are sitting longer before sold and most of the prices aren't as outrageously high as they would have once upon a time. colors like 04' lilac on some consignment site's not even selling!
  15. AmberLV, if Balenciaga no longer gives you any satisfaction, turn your attention to other brands! For me I will never be satisfied with just one label. Though I do love Balenciaga a lot and wish I had all the money in the world to buy every color they ever came out in lol, but I do crave for other bags from Chanel or Marc Jacobs or Chloe. See, I'm just an incorrigible bagaddict.