Fallen in love with the "Britt" Medium Hobo

  1. So I was perusing Gucci.com when I came upon this bag. The leather looks gorgeous! I'm having a hard time envisioning what this would look like on. Has anyone tried this on before? Or does anyone have a photo of a similar shaped Gucci Hobo? I really do love it and was wondering if I should get it or not...:sweatdrop:

    Also I'm wondering how fashionably functionable the interlocking GG's are as well.

  2. This is a very comfy bag to wear. Very functional too and I love it in the black. Good thing I prefer handcarry bags so it means 1 less bag on my to buy list!

    I love the interlocking G's on the Britt/New Britt lines. I am still kicking myself for not buying more shoes at the sale...
  3. I saw this bag in the Neiman's catalog and fell in love in black. But, I thought it said that it was made out of some other material like PVC instead of leather, which I wasn't sure of. This brown leather is fab. I love this bag and I would buy it if I was you.... hmmm... a beautiful bag purchase...
  4. OMG! My best friend's mom just bought this bag. I tried it and loved the way it looked. I love the leather and the logo. It definitely gets my vote.
  5. Here's mine black leather medium britt, bag is very comfortable, and the leather is yummy soft, is not huge but is not small either and the big GG on the front of the bag are not at all heavy, great everyday bag:tup:
  6. oooh! I love it in black too! Your bag is gorgeous!