Fallen in love with Bulga tote - but it's handheld!?!

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  1. I have totally fallen in love with the Bulga Small Pudding Flap tote in chocolate. Been looking for a great dark brown bag, I've heard their leather is amazing, I love the lining, and it's in my price range! Only problem - the straps don't go over the shoulder, and I've never used a handheld bag before. I'm always on the go, and my shoulder bags seem very convienent for shopping, walking downtown, etc. I'm not sure how practical a handheld bag is? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm torn! I wish it had an optional shoulder strap or something. Are there any other great dark brown bags in that price range that I should look at? Thanks!
  2. Hi there!

    I have the same exact styled Bulga tote, but one that goes over the shoulder. The retail on mine was $525 (not sure if this is within your range), but it's a slightly larger bag with longer handles. Same style and chocolate brown color.

    Here's a picture from an eBay auction that ended:

  3. I've been lusting after that same bag in plum, but I have the same problem you do. I want it to go over my shoulder.

    I would recommend getting something from the Marc by Marc Jacobs turnlock collection. The leather is just as nice as the Bulga, but it's a little cheaper.

    I bought the dark brown bowler, and it fits over my shoulder. Here are some pictures.
    MJ bowler.jpeg MJ bowler 2.jpeg MJ outfit.jpeg
  4. Thanks for the replies ladies!

    SuLi - I've been looking at that larger tote as well and really like it too. It's definitely more expensive than I want to go (unless I can find a deal on eBay or something). It's good to know that it can definitely go over your shoulder, I'll keep my eyes open for a deal!

    Zeitgiest4 - I was looking at those Turnlock Bowlers just the other day! I really like them as well, maybe that's a solution. I do like the Bulga bag better - it seems a little more structured. But the shoulder strap is pretty important to me.
  5. If you are comfortable with eBay, I would recommend looking for the Bulga there. That style is less popular than the studded version, so you might find a really great deal. You can always PM me if you want me to take a look at the auction since I own one and can hopefully help distinguish whether it is authentic or not.

    The MbyMJ is awesome...I'm getting something from the Turnlock line soon!
  6. I was a shoulder-bag-girl all my life until I bought my 1st handheld bag ~ 4 months ago. Since then, I'm mainly looking at handheld bags and am almost sad when I have to use a shoulder bag. :lol: If you really like this bag, I'd say give her a chance! :yes:
  7. I definitely recommend the Bulga tote that SuLi posted, I really love Bulga leather and this style in particular. I have this in Chocolate and in Hazel.
  8. That's a nice bag! Why not own a handheld one for once? ;)
  9. Do any of you ladies have pictures of you CARRYING the Bulga large pudding tote? Is it a huge bag? Does it fit easily over the shoulder?

    SuLi - Thanks for offering you help regarding eBay, I appreciate it!!!

    I still cannot decide! I will let you know when I finally do!
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