1. Is everyone ready for fall? I am behind, I haven't purchased anything new which is sad and I need to get my sweaters out. Hopefully I will get on it today. Did anyone get a new fall wardrobe?
  2. I'm doing it right now. Very busy :sweatdrop:
    I need to change my buying habits, I noticed that I'm continuously buying same things again and again, like sweaters for example! I have so many of them and everytime I'm shopping I'm looking and buying mostly sweaters or simular trousers! Nothing else although I need to buy some winter skirts and dresses. Is it normal?
    Is this happens to someone else?
  3. I got a few new sweaters by Jean Paul Gaultier, but other than that, nope. I really need some more sweaters though (right now I've just got those, three basic white cotton turtlenecks, a grey turtleneck, and a vintage Alaia mock turtleneck). I need some individuality! And lucywife, I can understand not buying skirts or dresses in winter because it's kinda the need to cover up to keep warm. And they generally don't make many good skirts or dresses in the warmer fabrics (ie wool, cashmere, etc.).
  4. I dropped a ton of cash at the Nordstrom anniversary sale back in July. That's usually just the beginning to get a jump on things that will sell out pretty quickly. After that, I continue my F/W shopping as that's the best investment for my wardrobe in the Seattle area.

    As with other posts, I tend to gravitate toward the same things (dark pants or jeans, green or grey sweaters, leather jackets) which is great but isn't a lot of variety. So I'm relying more on my BF and SAs to help me try new things and it's great so far!
  5. Well, I've got some really good pieces(six to be exact-you see what's going on?), Malo and Loro Piana, and for $50-60 each(comparing to NM/BG prices about $600+ for one item), one Chanel cashmere top for(!) $70(original price $1348.00), one McQueen wool cardigan from 2005 collection, so I'm done with sweaters, just yesterday received an unknown Italian designer two-layer brown skirt, really like it, and for dresses I have my two year old Chanel hunter-green leather dress...will mix match with sweaters or something and red tweed dress (that's all I have for winter dresses), need to work on this subject. This is the picture of my Pucci warm dress, what do you think? Oh...I forgot about the best find ever, knee-lenght leopard coat from Armani, drop-dead GORGEOUS!!!, now breaking my brains about what shoes and bag will go with it!
    I also have those crazy Marni belts, aquamarine and pink(if someone likes I'll get the picture) they are very unusual and interesting, I adore Marni..hmm, would like to hear your ideas.
  6. lucywife, your shopping is incredible!!
  7. :flowers: Oh, thank you. I'm a gal with the plan:choochoo:
  8. just a couple of missoni scarfs...i need to do some shopping ASAP!!
    luciwife, i love the Pucci dress!!:heart:TDF!!
  9. I purchased a few pair of skinny jeans, a few sweaters, great pair of boots, a few blouses and a couple pair of platform heels.
  10. lucywife, WHERE are you getting these deals?
  11. uhkiwi
    I shop in outletes and Ebay.
    Also, take a look at yoox.com.
  12. ^^ I LOVE yoox.com! I've gotten more than a few Jean Paul Gaultier and Yohji Yamamoto items on there. another good one is raffaello-network.com