FALL YSL MUSES' ugh oh.....

  1. I've fallen in love again. I know it's not the color for everyone - but I love love love orange, so me and this muse simply must be!:heart: :heart: :heart:


    The bad news is that I can't find it anywhere yet... Detective work needs to go into high gear!!!
  2. Another new fall Muse:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Another fall Muse:

  4. Oohh-I like I like!!!!! Maybe I see a muse bag in my future this fall......
  5. I love the orange too!
  6. I don't care for the orange as I think it looks like a big pumpkin (although I reserve the right to change my opinion once I have seen the bag in person). I am however very interested in taking a closer look at the Taupe.
  7. i think the orange looks nice!
  8. ^^I know - but I :heart: it anyway. There's something about that "Hermes Orange" color that draws me in. :shame:
  9. Metalic calf hair Muse:

  10. hmmm not sure how i like the colors. i think i prefer the black and brown.
  11. i don't like the orange at all. taupe is okay. the metallic calf hair is so mine though (in oversized).
  12. Uh oh, is right! I'm in love with the orange muse!
  13. Has anyone seen the pink satin muse ? I saw it in magazine yesterday
  14. [​IMG]
  15. i love the new colors!