1. when it will be realesed?
  2. Mllecn - it was released a month or so ago. There are a few more colours (Bleu India, Marron, Camel) that should be release in the next few weeks.
  3. wow, i didn't know there was a marron for fall/winter, has anyone seen it (?) :shrugs:
  4. Is Camel also Carmel :?:
  5. I have been wondering this too...
  6. Which season will be available in november?
  7. Oh, this is very interesting. One of the things I wanted to make sure when I bought my First was that it wasn't a return (you know how that can happen sometime). But if it is a 2006 fall release the chances of it being a return is minimized, right? I'd be really interested in knowing cus I really wanted to make sure my bag wasn't a return.

    I'm a bit paranoid and anal about that kind of thing! Especially with NM's super easy return policy (basically they don't have one! You can return it whenever you want!).