Fall/winter styles>>>>>>>>


Mar 4, 2008
Okay, i will be honest here. I SUCK SUCK SUUUUUUCK at dressing myself!lol THAT is why i think everyone on here would be able to assist me in figuring out exactly what looks good this fall/winter. Im a mom now so i feel as though i should be dressing ya know...semi-sexy...well put together and mosty importantly comfy annnnnnd stylish (but not silly!)
now my body type is average so what should i do? im 5'5 and id like to try heals but dont want to tower over people plsu ive never worn heals before. well maybe once and i believe i looked like i had a stick up my ass when i was walking! Seriously.
So if anyone could post pictures of cute outfits or sites i would appreciate it big time. thanks.:okay: