Fall/Winter Sale on Jimmy Choo Website

  1. I was looking for a particular shoe that I thought maybe was going to be on sale but is not :sad: so here is the link for you girls.

    Fall/Winter Sale
  2. Which shoe were you hoping would go on sale?
  3. I for one am glad that I don't see anything that I want that is on sale. No temptations for me.
  4. Hi bella-
    The shoe I was hoping to be on sale is called doll in black I just love those, im a shoe girl 100% not into expensive bags.
  5. Oh, those are gorgeous. :yes: I
    've also seen nothing I needed, which is a relief. I have no willpower lately. :angel:

    Abcecas, I think all us Choo girls are equal opportunity Choo fans. :choochoo: