Fall/Winter Questions...

  1. There are 3 pieces I'm interested in for the fall/winter...and I'd like to know if any of them are Limited Edition items and if anyone knows the prices & the release date (with the exception of the Lockit which I know is being released on 8/1)

    1) Monogram Lockit....the smallest one

    2) Groom cles

    3) Mini Mono Lin speedy 30

    Thanks all!
  2. Okay, I think the Mono Lockit is going to be part of the regular line.
    The Groom collection I believe is Limited.
    The Mono Mini Lin was to replace the Mono mini so I think that I heard that that is going to be regular line too.
  3. I think the monogram lockit is around 735
    The groom cles will proably be around 200
    The mono mini lin is I think high 600s to 700s for the 25

    If you search for past posts, they have prices for some of these items as heard through the grapevine. =)