Fall/winter lookbook intel?

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  1. Folks-- I hear that lookbook and/or skus/pricing for F/W have reached stores. I don't have time to go into the store this week. Has anyone got info or pics of the look book? I'm wondering what was produced in the end.

    Mods-- I can imagine you might move this. I can't find the fall/winter thread for some reason.
  2. I caught a glimpse recently. I think most are to be released in July.
    From what I recall, and I say recall, because I looked at this all so briefly, and am going on memory here at this point, so I am not totally sure regarding specific details....

    It looks like they are coming out with a new, and improved, Speedy 25 in Empreinte which will have a flat side pocket, and there will also be a Speedy 20 in Empreinte as well.

    A new Mono 2-handle basic tote, possibly with a pocket in front, that looks like it was to replace the Mono Totally bag.

    Also, a new DE bag, I believe it is referred to as a Bowling bag, and looked kind of like a large Alma, or like from the side detail the Mono Alma B N B bag that is currently out. Looks like it has the V brass detail, similar to the Kimono and the Kensington.

    Speaking of the Kimono, it looks like they may be coming out with a smaller Kimono, calling possibly the Kimono PM, and it will have a shoulder strap that attaches to rings at the leather handles.

    And it looks like they are coming out with another type of mono and leather flap or clutch bag, possibly to replace the Pallas chain bag.

    More City Steam bags with different color combinations, and also including a black Mini City Steamer

    Possibly a one-handle Alma type of bag, possibly in Epi or Vernis, (I can't remember), with B N B like leather detail inside. I just remember saying that I don't like the whole one-handle idea again (kind of like that Runway Epi Speedy some time ago).

    That's about all I remember. I think my thought, overall, was that I wasn't interested really in much coming out, and I felt like, in my opinion, that they are running out of ideas and recycling ideas. (Again, just my opinion).
  3. I got some info, posted in post above.
  4. Speedy 20?! Omg
  5. I m excited for some new styles
  6. Please add any pictures of seasonal animation SLGs if you get any...love those!!
  7. Yes, please!!!! Would love to see what's coming out next!
  8. A smaller Kimono would be awesome. The current size was just way too big for me when I tried it on back in December.
  9. And some more pictures of the patches collection!! Please . This is all I've seen. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459895805.101737.jpg
  10. Thank you so much for posting this. Is that a passport cover or a pocket organizer or a pm agenda?? The new anim is sooo sweet. :love:
  11. When is the patch collection going to be released ? I don't own a neverful but I like this one 😍
  12. Amen ladies!!!
  13. My thoughts exactly!!! Sounds adorable (hopefully it will be in the bandouliere style)
  14. Yes! I need a mono Neverfull with black trim. Hope this looks good in real!

  15. Thanks so much for this! The mostly intriguing thing here in the speedy 20. Remember anymore deets on this?

    Also, I am interested in knowing which of the show bags they made (other than the patches). Let me know if you remember seeing those.