Fall Winter is about to start what'll be your first buy?

  1. Fall Winter is creeping up on us fast.

    The womens bags start coming next month I have just posted the reminder review in the summary (link in sig if you want to see it)

    With the Miarge, Limelight, Olympe, and other coming out in 1 month......what are you getting & what's going to be your first buy of the season?

    The Spring Summer show is on sometime between October 1st & 9th and then we start all over again LOL

    I don't think I'll be getting any of the September items
  2. Mrs. Label Addict...how do you do it??? I am not going for anything LE for fall but, I am contemplateing the neocabby black mm...it is $$$ for denim but, so gorgeous...also I have always wanted a fabric bag..so we shall see...what do you think of the neocabby black for fall...you are such a fashion diva...btw your new shoes are gorgeous...are they satin..the red ones!!!
  3. Black neo cabby would be perfcet for winter no vachetta to worry about hand held or when they get cold shoulder bag. The denim bags are pricey but denim is a very hard wearing fabric so it should be something that'll look great for a very long time..

    Actually I'm not sure if the Balmorals are satin or silk I don't remember (and they both feel pretty similar to me) I love them!
  4. :crybaby:sadly, nothing is calling my name.
  5. ^ me too Tink maybe i over did it in summer or maybe I'm just more of a S/S girl but I just feel kind of :shrugs: about a lot of it
  6. Now that you ask, I wish they made a Mirage cles... lol. I really want a cles.

    Nothing LE for me either, just want to start my LV collection with a Damier Pochette and a cles...that'll keep me content until my Speedy comes for my Sweet 16 in June! :p
  7. I cant wait for the T&B agenda.
  8. This is the first time nothing is really calling out to me. I think I'm going to concentrate on more "staple" purchases for the next few months rather than LE items. I'm contemplating the black Neo Cabby for fall/winter but I still haven't decided on it. :shrugs:
  9. Black mirage speedy for me!
  11. LOl I want to love them I just don't right now, I may totally change my mind but I'm so :shrugs: about them I'd be prepared to tell my SA to pass on them with out seeing them but I won't just in case
  12. My Speedy Mirage in black! I am so excited for this bag!
  13. I am thinking of the bikers, mirage speedy and the Nimbus in grey .. but I am kind of iffy abt it right now.. I'm not sure if it is an impluse buy .. !! Or just one of those I have to have cos is LE bags..!
  14. There is so much that I want.... But I have to be good until the end of the year.
  15. not really into any of the new fall bags. Possibly I will get more luggage.