Fall/Winter Hit or Miss??

  1. I'm curious how is the Fall/Winter collection for you?

    I'm talking about the Catwalk bags Mirages (you can include the speedy even though it's not catwalk) Limelights, Motard and Shearling

    There's not a whole lot of talk and as Restricter asked where is the obssessing?

    So on a whole how is the season for you :tdown: or :tup:

    If it's a :tup: what do you love what makes you swoon?

    If it's a :tdown: what was the problem?

    I suspect price may be an important factor, I personally find the bags are a little expensive so if they were cheaper lets say 75% of the current price would that have influenced your decisions?
  2. 75% cheaper...oh yeah...Motard Biker...this is the 3rd. thread I mentioned this bag in today only because I seen if for the 1st. time yesterday. Can't get over it but it's very easy to pass on because of the price. I did manage to get the Mirage Speedy and I am very happy with it. So all in all I'd give it a :tup: I'm not one to buy 5 different bags per season though. Damn...wish that Motard was 75% cheaper. I'd be hugging it right now .
  3. LOL wishful thinking I mean 75% of the price it is now (i.e 25% off) not 75% OFF the price
  4. I personally LOVE this F/W collection just as much as last years with the polly, leopard, adele.. miroir, ect...

    I think the Mirage idea is great and love how there are 2 color options, its a tad pricey for a speedy $1800 and it only goes up, but I am sure the process is expensive to do. I don't think the exotic bags are completely out of price range because they are exotic and I think those are for certain customers, not all (not that an average joe couldnt get one but people willing to spend bigger $ on bags, thats all.)

    I love the limelight bags, the cushiony look to it, the colors are just perfect!

    The sherling bags are clever, but I dont like the glossy monogram on it, they should have just left it with the basic monogram, no glossy finish.

    all in all LOVE the F/W
  5. I love the collection! I so far have the Mirage Speedy Noir and both Limelights...love lvoe lvoe!
  6. if the mirage speedy was 25% off (and I could find one) I would heavily reconsider.
  7. In a way it is a great collection- but I couldn`t obsess about the limited edition bags. Apart from the price, they are just not my cup of tea.
    But I have seen some great more reasonable priced bags which could be interesting, for example the Tivoli! And some nice accesories. I just do not like that pushing backwards of release dates (e.g. Berkeley...) and that the informations one is getting from different shops is so unreliable.
  8. I love the Mirage line--esp the Bordeaux. I wish they made it in different styles--esp. something smaller. I think I am going to opt for a Bandeau.
  9. I really like the Mirage line especially the speedy but find it a bit pricy for it being a speedy. I also really like th limelight. I am not fond of the rest of the collection.
  10. F/W Hit or Miss??

    LOL....It totally HIT me, right in the wallet!!!.........:lol:
  11. I love the Mirage line. I have the speedy and I would have loved to have the Griet, but could not afford it. The motard bags are wonderful but again out of my price range. I think this season is great, but I need a better paying job.

  12. Selena you have both Limelights! I thought you cancelled the copper
  13. ^ ITA, with Sarah

  14. I know! I called back yesterday and told her to get me the copper, its on route as we speak. I also got another perle for my mum for the holidays! :smile:

    Love it! :smile:
  15. OMG you went Limelight crazy!