fall/winter collection & pre-orders

  1. Hi! I'm new with the LV brand (and I :heart: it!). I was just wondering where I can check out the new collection and where I might possibly preorder it (online & in stores). I'm from NYC so if anyone knows any stores in that area (and if its not a bother) please list them. :smile:

    Also I heard that if you preorder from the new season the prices are slightly lower ? Is that true? :confused1:
  2. There are 5 places to get LV in NYC. I have all the addys, phone #s, cross-streets, and nearest subway stops listed already, so here you go!

    New York 1 East, 1 E. 57th St., 212-758-8877 (57th and 5th) (R to 5th/59th St.)
    LV Macy’s NY, 151 W. 34th St., 212-494-3166 (btwn. 6th and 7th) (R to 34th)
    LV Bloomingdale’s NY, 1000 3rd Ave., 212-644-2574 (btwn. E. 59th and E. 60th) (4/5/6 to 59th, R to Lex/59th)
    LV Saks NY 5th Avenue, 611 5th Ave., 212-940-2212 (49th and 5th)
    LV Soho, 116 Greene St., 212-274-9090 (off Prince St.) (R to Prince St.)