Fall/Winter Collection 2008/9 available in Australia or Singapore yet?

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  1. Does anyone know if these bags have been released in Australia or Singapore?

    How much would they cost in the respective countries, and would they have different colours available?

    Sorry if similar post has been discussed before. Moderators may feel free to remove this if this is the case =)


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  2. F/W '08 is avaliable in Chanel Melbourne although only selected styles are coming in! I went in about a week ago to get a bag and I didn't see any of those but you could call to check!
  3. both patent bags available in Sydney store in different colours
  4. wow, thanks ladies! I'll be excited about this =) I'm actually in Perth... It's abit hard visualise how the colours wld look like. Will be making a trip to Singapore in September. If these designs are out by then, i'll be able to have a better idea. thinking of ordering it from the Melbourne/ Sydney boutique and get them mailed over. Hope that I'm not going to burn a hole in my pocket! hee
  5. the first bag is aud4040 :wtf:..comes in red with gold hardware..white with gold...all gorgeous colour!!!

  6. haha, what a dear price to pay for! really wonder how it'd look in real life... im actually kinda keen on the second one. not sure what material it is made of.. suede?
  7. If you get it from Melbs/Sydney before you go to Singapore you might be able to get the tax back.

    Oh and *waves*, I'm in Perth too. Wish we had a Chanel here.
  8. yes it is..because of all the stitching needed to create teh puzzle look...
    the second one might similar price.i think its jersey...they are absolutely beautiful :love:

  9. Oh yeah, i did hear that the prices of chanel are cheaper in aust than sg... is that becos of the tax difference? i've emailed melb boutique... hope that they can get back to me soon! =)

  10. btw, i think i heard some rumors abt Chanel opening in Perth... cos i heard from a friend's friend who was SAID to be involved with the planning etc.. otherwise i'll have to keep paying extra AUD 50 for shipping!

  11. yeah, the second one looks more lady-like... but i wldnt mind if i cld get the first or third one in red =)
  12. If you could plan a transit to Malaysia, Chanel is actually cheaper here. I met someone from Perth who flies to KL 4 times a yr for her Chanel fix. They also have a good selection. I know the store supervisor quite well by now;)

    I have 2 sisters in Perth, and I used to attend UWA in Perth, Perth is my 2nd home ;)
  13. dear, at this moment chanel australia is cheaper than chanel spore and so far (even before tax), they have the same stocks, so dont go spore buy, ask chanel to deliver it for u then u claim tax when u out of country
  14. *crosses fingers* Please, please, please Chanel (and Hermes) OPEN a store here in Perth.

    Wow, Australia actually has something cheaper??!?!? Def. get it here and claim the tax back on the way out. Have a great trip to Singapore!