Fall/Winter Birkins

  1. Pics from Hermes fall/winter runway. Love the clothes and birkins. Lots of JPG suede birkins.
    00100m.jpg 00150t.jpg 00180t.jpg 00200t.jpg 00260t.jpg
  2. More pics.
    00030m.jpg 00130m.jpg 00150m.jpg 00170m.jpg 00190m.jpg
  3. A fur birkin.
  4. More pics of JPG.
    00360m.jpg 00380m.jpg 00470m.jpg 00490m.jpg
  5. I love Hermes (so don't get me wrong) but every season it's the same bags...Flattened Kelly, Sueded Birkin, Small Kelly, short (JPG) Birkin,

    I know Gaultier has more ideas for New bags...but he just keeps eloborating on the same classics...

  6. I bet VB is going to get that fur birkin & some JPGS. She never had a JPG right.
  7. I so not agree with you. It's the birkins and kellys that popularise the brand further. Of all Hermes bags, I think birkins & kellys are the most gorgeous.
  8. Loveeeee the pink JPG!!!!
  9. nope. im definitely sure VB has at least 1 JPG birkin
  10. ^^^^ VB has a JPG Shoulder Birkin in Etoupe.
  11. Exquisite things!
  12. Thanks for sharing.....
  13. This is an old thread. VB got her JPG birkin after OP posted about it.
  14. gorgeous items...love the pink too
  15. At first i was like WTF JPG birkin is OLD news. But then i saw this thread over TWO YEARD OLD!