Fall/Winter bags

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  1. Who's going to BalNY soon to see the Fall/winter bags? I would like to make a trip up there either next Saturday, June 16 or the Saturday after that, June 23. Is anyone up for joining me?
  2. No one wants to go to BalNY to see the new bags/colors?!? Not even if we meet at Trailer Park Lounge either before or afterwards for a drink?
  3. I wish I could! I'm actually up for a vaca anytime now but my BF's idea of any type of vacation is going to Southern California (and we're only up in NorCal!)
  4. Gosh, coda, I'd LOVE to meet up with you in NYC since it's only a train-ride away from me here in DC. My kids, though, God love 'em, have activities up the yingyang and all the weekends in June are dedicated to them.

    I'm thinking that August would probably be a better time for me...
  5. I'd love to go! I can go any of the days you said, although the f/w bags might not be there by next Saturday, so the 16th or 23rd would probably be better.
  6. It would be great to meet up with you, Erica! Where's everyone from this thread:

    Do any of you want to meet? Which Saturday would be better, June 16 or June 23? I think the bags are supposed to be in next week some time, so maybe we should wait a week BalNY to get organized and meet on June 23.