Fall/Winter bag?

  1. Gosh, it seems like summer just started and all of a sudden it's half over. What's everyone dreaming about for their fall/winter bag? I want something in brown and another little something in red to perk up the dreary winter days. I'm not sure about shapes yet...still looking for inspiration on Pinterest! What do you think BE is going to offer for their fall line?
  2. You could always ask them I guess....:idea:
  3. I fancy something in red too. I 'need' a smaller bag this time (last one is a full size london Tote...yummy!), maybe a satchel this time... :smile:
  4. Totally :p LOL

    Cabbage, did you see the teaser photo on Facebook of the diffusion line? I'm so excited to see COLOR! Did you think the middle bag looked more like red or orange?
  5. Noooo.....back in a minute..... :smile:
  6. Back! :speedy:

    I don't know!!!! Exciting though! I reckon a dark orange but really really hard to tell. I was thinking of a darker red but can't wait to see what it actually is!

    Pixie do you know if there are any other pictures anywhere? Do you know what the line is???
  7. It's a collaboration between Jackie and Marco. These pocketbooks will not have as much detail as other BE bags. A simplified version of BE's main line. The zippers and linings will be different. I don't know what kind of leather they will be made of. Of course, I immediately had to beg Jackie to tell me about the gold, and she said that while it is not the mottled gold I love so much, it is, nevertheless, breathtaking. A softer, more subtle gold. Because this line will be streamlined, the pocketbooks will be less expensive. Jackie and Marco are both very excited about the launch. I'll keep pestering Jackie for more info because, really, if I didn't pester her 73 thousand times a day, she would wonder if I was gravely ill or maybe dead. :p
  8. I am so looking forward to seeing this diffusion line. I'm in a minimalist mode, and those red white and blue bags look like chic and simple totes. I'm interested in the price point too. Very smart marketing move -- to bring in a new audience. And to give us BE gals, more options. Can't wait! It will be Italian chic if its Marco involved! Yay!
  9. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    I think they sound fabulous! So excited to hear more this week!
  10. I just got an anthracite London Tote and it is so freeeaaaakkkkiiiinnnnggg lovely! :smile: I have a midi in the black snakeprint which can also knock your socks off, but they are each special in their own way. These will be my winter bags, so to speak. We just moved from AZ to CA so I may have some rain now to deal with in winter - lol!
  11. ooooh I'm waiting for an anthracite London tote!!! can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Do you have any pics Amy? :balloon:

    Now I wondering about the gold too...
  12. Did you see there is a picture on their blog here http://blog.belenechandia.com/fashion/belen-echandia-launches-diffusion-line/ now and they definitely look a bit orange. Maybe a darker red will be included. I hope so! What do youthink?
  13. I'm so in love with these bags!!! Looks orange to me...at least on my computer screen. The blog mentions a fiery red bag but I haven't seen a picture of it yet...where is it??? And Moonfancy mentioned a little somethin' in gold too?! I was so sad when I heard that there wasn't any mottled gold left but now I'm doing a little happy dance! :happydance:
  14. Tell me more about the gold! Pretty please :biggrin:
  15. I think this is a wonderful idea and I hope this new line and lower price point bring some new customers. They've always been committed to quality and I'm sure that will continue. Can't wait to see what's available!