Fall-Winter 2018

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  2. I like this bag!
  3. It looks like Petite malle grew into a Pochette metis-like bag:nuts::heart:
    I love the mix of classic mono and reverse!
  4. Full Collection:

  5. Lovely bag, thank you for posting! Looks like the Petite malle is getting a bit bigger and a tad more comfortable, which is a +! I had a similar sweater in the 80's, lol. What goes round, comes around :smile:
  6. The Speedy B looks awesome.
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  7. OMG... freakin green boots :panic::panic::love::love:
  8. ❤️️❤️️ Speedy B looks very cool I would love to know the price
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  9. OMG! That Speedy!!
  10. Are there any other Twists coming our way? TIA
  11. Hi, thanks for posting the pictures!

    Any idea on the size of the speedy, based on other doctor speedy’s previously released is it save to assume that this is a 25?

    Also as important I need the model number to reserve it, if it goes into production?

    Thanks, Danke in advance for any information.
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  12. I m pretty certain that this is all confirmed for production.
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  13. That first sweater! The clothes are beautiful this season.
  14. Oohh, that Speedy B!
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