Fall Winter 2016 Colors!

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  1. It looks like the Fall Winter 2016 Colors are starting to show up on Proenzaschouler.com. :smile: What do you think?


    Orange Pepper




    Amethyst suede


    Malachite suede


    Nylon Medium

    Nylon Tiny
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  2. i am really loving the malachite and amethyst suedes:love: so pretty.....
    thanks for posting!:heart:
  3. ooo very lovely shades and pattern play. I am loving the indigo and the nylon medium!
  4. Indigo looks really nice.
  5. Are they phasing out the large? I will be severely disappointed if they actually do.....
  6. blkorange PS1 medium.jpg I like the details on this one....
  7. I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully they are just slow at updating the site.
  8. I really hope that that's what's happening! fingers crossed
  9. Indigo is beautifull, thank you Ellie for sharing
  10. PS1-PaleSteel.jpg Pale Steel
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  11. True Red
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  12. I think the indigo and the bare are my two favorites.. both are so pretty!
  13. I don't think most of the colors seem very "fall" :-/