Fall Winter 2014 Show

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  1. Loved the show, not sure about this F/W 2014 $28,000.00 satchel that was introduced, though :shocked:

  2. I just watched the re-play now, there were a lot of PS patterns.

    Yes the FW 2014 Pre-Order bags were expensive and the satchel is large and hand held only?

    There were a Clutch and Shoulder Bag on pre-order too,



    I'll add that I did buy a pre-order PS1 a couple of years ago and it turned out to be more expensive from where I am. I should have waited for the sale :Push:
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    I just viewed the slideshow on style.com. I kind of like that satchel, assuming they do a more-affordable leather version rather than exotic. According to ps.com, it has an additional shoulder strap.

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  4. thank you for sharing