Fall Winter 2014 Bags

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  4. Interesting - thanks for posting - other than the black and white diamond patterned white alma and the red exotic - not crazy about the designs - and they don't look practical - either too small or too big and boxy.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I like the small hard sided box bag, but not the random red and white x-marks on the front. Guess I won't be tempted by any of these.
  6. I definitely like the direction though I'm not pulled to purchase. The black and white alma is beautiful. I definitely see similarities to chanel - Lego-esque, modern take on quilting. Hmmmm - lots of thoughts on this.
  7. There seems to be a lot of inspiration from LV:s history with trunks. The pattern on the Alma bags reminds me of the inside of a trunk too.

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  8. Interesting. There's one that I like, but I can tell it would be wayyyy out of my price range. It looks like a Speedy that has been exposed, with snaps along the edges. There's another I like, the canvas with brown leather trim, but it reminds me too much of Prada. :tdown:

    My wishlist is long enough already, thankfully. :lol:
  9. thanks for sharing!!!👏
  10. Way to structured for my taste. None I would spend money on.
  11. I personally don't like the one handed satchel type bags, they look odd.
  12. love the cream, red and black Alma
  13. My pick are the trunk bags .. I like the mono/nomade trim ....will be nice if offered as a clutch...will have to wait and see what will be produced.
  14. The Alma is TDF! This collection is a breath of fresh air. Welcome, Mr. Ghesquiere!
  15. Omg I love the mini trunk like box bags! I agree the little x's are weird though. I'd like to see more in this vein

    *they look like chromosomes?? :confused1: