Fall/Winter-2013 Colors!

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  1. Hi, some new fall/winter 2013 colors are starting to pop up now :graucho: pics from proenzaschouler.com

    Bark suede


    Lavender suede

  2. Piglet



  3. Royal Blue

    Veruca Salt

    Veruca Salt suede

  4. WOW. Look at that Lavender and Piglet. So pretty. My next one is going to be Suede.
  5. ^Yes the fall colors are really pretty!
  6. Veruca salt lol love it!
  7. Haha I love these names, very creative! The Veruca Salt is my fav.
  8. :heart: the blues and purples.
  9. Veruca Salt oh my. :faint: That might be my next Suede one.:graucho:
  10. Veruca salt, bark suede and royal are my favorites!
  11. i'm in love with Oahu and Krishna:loveeyes:
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    Piglet, haha! If I had one, I'd be calling that bag Piglet all the time! Where's my Piglet? Let me get some money from my Piglet! :smile:
  13. Mmmm... suede.
  14. PS always has such great color options! I love the royal blue.
    I wish they had more options in silver hardware though....sigh.
  15. LOVE the Royal Blue too. Wonder how it compares to the Cobalt Blue Suede.??/

    I always wondered how Light Peacock Suede compared to Cobalt Suede too - the pics make them look identical.