Fall Winter 2013 Bags

  1. More Fall 2013 accessories, including the new Dior VIII white ceramic watches:
    dior16.jpg dior-white-timepieces-01.jpg dior-white-timepieces-02.jpg dior-white-timepieces-03.jpg dior-white-timepieces-04.jpg
  2. I love the look of the last piece!!! What is it? A ring? Earrings? It's just so cute!!!
  3. I think that it's a ring, one that doesn't form a complete circle around the finger :smile:
  4. only like the silver one
  5. Style.com released their accessories report, and the new bags are extraordinary! The houndstooth-print leather is absolutely stunning!

    Pictured below are the new Miss Dior, Dior Bar, Lady Dior, and Diorissimo bags:
    001fullscreen (1).jpg 002fullscreen (1).jpg 003fullscreen (1).jpg 004fullscreen (1).jpg 005fullscreen (1).jpg 006fullscreen (1).jpg 008fullscreen.jpg 007fullscreen.jpg
  6. Shoes!
    001fullscreen.jpg 002fullscreen.jpg 003fullscreen.jpg 004fullscreen.jpg 005fullscreen.jpg 006fullscreen.jpg
  7. Costume jewelry with a myriad of choices by Camille Miceli:
    001fullscreen (2).jpg 002fullscreen (2).jpg 003fullscreen (2).jpg 004fullscreen (2).jpg 005fullscreen (2).jpg 006fullscreen (2).jpg 007fullscreen (1).jpg 008fullscreen (1).jpg
  8. Agree - shoe print on the bags are a bit questionable.
  9. I love the silver bag so pretty !!!!!
  10. I like the shape of the Dior bar, I like the shorter stouter shape
  11. I wonder if the shoe pattern is on both sides of the lady dior.....
  12. Got a text from my SA yesterday about some new f/w colors!

    Turquoise Lady Dior!

  13. nice concept
  14. Wow what a lovely shade!
  15. This colour is from Pre-Fall.