Fall Winter 2009-2010 Prada accessories

  1. i love the cardigan :smile: i always think it's nice to wear something off the runway but not wear it as it is on the runway. i doubt many people would wear the fur panties and the crazy high boots. but i think the cardigan is lovely and would do well off the runway :smile: most people can't do the exact runway look but it's nice to take a component and work it as your own :smile:
  2. ^^^ I like the frizz-to-the-max hair and that "don't-you-mess-with-me" look on the model's face..LOL...:lol:

    The FW2009 look exudes very strong personality and represents women who are sure of themselves. That red dress will do just that ;).

    Do you know that this collection received a standing ovation after the show and rave reviews from fashion critics all across the board. I think the runway look will translate very well into streetwear, too.

    Well done, Miz Prada! :tup:
  3. i love that the WWD review, part of which said:

    No such limitation encumbered Prada’s accessories lineup. What girl wouldn’t love a colorful fur clutch when she only need carry her keys and some cash, or for greater utility, any one of a number of roomy, to-die-for beauties? And the shoes, whether a fringed, studded fantasy or simple blue velvet pump, were better than just gorgeous; they were walkable. Just like the lion’s share of Prada’s clothes. For all of the presentation’s intimate drama, most of the pieces will walk boldly right into real life, radiating real glamour.

    i also love the don't mess with me look...i always think it's cos they're hungry ;)

    i agree, tookata, great job, miss miuccia!