Fall/Winter 2008 Collection swatches and sneak pics and discussion

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  1. A friend of mine has just returned from a trip to Paris with her Balenciaga store buyer and she shared the following information with me about new and interesting colours:

    Argent (a silver mid grey)
    Bordeaux (another deep rich red)
    Tan (rich colour)
    Emerald Green (a lovely dark green)

    There were other colours, of course, but these are the ones which she found most interesting.

    She also informed me that Balenciaga appear to have done a bit of a face-lift on the Motorcycle bags and it looks as if they are going to match the hardware to the leather colour. Hope that makes sense! She did say that traditional bags in RH are still available, but there's a lot of emphasis on GH.

    Sorry no pics, but I hope this info. might help in planning the finances. I am already seriously interested in a City RH Emerald green and will need to start saving.
  2. The color argent sounds lovely! Tan in a rich color - also would be great. Oh, yes, and another bordeaux would be good too. O.K., I would like an emerald green that is not like the 06 emerald green - can't wait until the preview photos start showing up. :smile:

    Thank you for posting!
  3. yay for bordeaux!
  4. lizziecat, thanks for sharing the precious information, argent is a metallic grey or a matt grey ? i've seen grey bags and loved this color so much. i think i'll succomb if they do it again. and the matching hardware to the leather color sounds very interesting. i'm curious to see what it's gonna look like.
    I'm not a GH girl, so if they make a lot of emphasis on the giant hardware, that could help me save some money. ha ha ha...
  5. ooooh thanks for the info! I think I'm wanting something in a deep rich red...that would be delicious!
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not a metallic grey:smile:
  7. I love the idea matching the hw color to the color of the leather. It shouldn't chip like the 05 metallics though.
  8. wow thanks for the great info! Now I'm really impatient to see the f/w colors!! Can't wait to see the deep red. I dunno about matching hardware to bag though...I"m not so crazy about the look. But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. thanks again!
  9. The emerald green sounds beautiful! I am also a fan of the GH so I am happy to hear that this is still a focus! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing this news!
  10. More good info. I'm also pretty sure the argento is NOT metallic, but a sort of medium true gray. This was the color my friend was most excited about. The "bordeaux" color is the crimson or dark red that has been discussed. I heard it was a sort of burgundy, but I can't really say how it might compare to '05 bordeaux or '06 grenat. I have the impression it will be closer to those colors than to '05 RT, but who knows till we see it. It sounds good either way. Not even all experienced buyers have the level of compulsion a number of us do!:upsidedown: When I asked my friend how the green compared to pine vs. emerald blah blah blah, and this new tan or saddle or whatever to '05 caramel etc., I could tell she wanted to run for cover before it was too late to save herself. :girlsigh: The abundant HW choices is going to get interesting, I think. I have a hard time envisioning leather covered HW, but it could be great.
  11. Do we know if the matching the hardware thing is going to be done by covering the hardware with leather or simply matching to the leather color with paint (I'm sure there is a more fashion-y term for this, but I don't know it). I'm concerned it is going to make the bag look cheap.
  12. Argent sound like a potential damage to my wallet:graucho:
  13. Oooh a Tan work may be calling my name
  14. Yes, I'd agree. There was no mention that the grey will be a metallic, but she did use the French word 'argente' . Sorry the last word should have an accent on the 'e', but I don't know how to do that using my keypad! I can only imagine that it might have a silver sheen to it. Sounds nice, though.
  15. ^Me too! Thanks for the report!