Fall/winter 2007 Brown metallic tote

  1. Help! Has anyone seen the brown metallic tote on NM/Bergdorf website? Code V02FF.

    Its described as ebana. I was wondering if its black in colour or a deep dark brown. Could the colour pass for black? I'm desparate for a black tote with silver hardware!

    thanks. urban
  2. Hmm, don't know why they are calling it brown. It looked black to me at NM.
  3. have you seen it at the store?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Yes, I've seen it several times and it's black. Ebano means "ebony" in Italian and that's black. NM does a lousy job with its website, so they obviously made a mistake calling it brown. I don't think this bag is even made in brown!
  6. Actually I've seen this line in a dark chocolate brown. I don't know if they make this particular bag in that color though. I would call a Prada store and ask them.
  7. I live in Hong Kong and they don't carry this bag at the Prada store here..they don't even know it exists! I've only seen it online. I've contacted Bergdorf and the online sales assistant wasn't sure either. So definetly black right?
  8. ^^
    It should be a black bag based on the product description. Can you have them tell you which stores its located in and order via a store so that you get the right bag? Btw. I'm getting one too, I love this bag!
  9. I just bought the flap bag in the metallic ebano. It looks almost black on its own. But when we compared it to a metallic "nero" bag, there was a distinct difference.

    I was looking for a black bag too, but I think the ebano is close enough to pass for black.

    I say go for it. The metallic effect is beautiful!

    ps- A Prada SA took me through their book, and they are not getting these bags this season. I had to get mine at NM.