Fall Winter 2007/2008 The Summary

  1. I thought I'd start the thread early as infomation is starting to come in.
    Please remember:-
    1) It is very early in the season so eveything is subject to change this includes prices & if the item/bag make it into production
    2) This is everyone's thread, I pull the info in other threads to keep it in one place of easy reading. This type of thread only works because you are all so helpful & I thank you all for everything you share with us all.

    Without further delay............

    Let the Obsessing begin
  2. Around October we should see the launch of Amarante the new Vernis Color. It is said to have been described as deep black cherry similar to the color of Vamp nail polish by Chanel
    A tpfer photoshopped and "artist impression" of what this may look like.


    Typically Vernis colors are in production for around 6 months.
  3. Suhali should see the launch of a new RED and there is also the possibility of 9 suhali colors ( a rainbow of suhali :girlsigh: ) later in the year no colors are confirmed but orange and pink are expected as there are suhali shoes in these colors.

    There is the rumor of Black being released in the Denim Collection

    No release dates or further info on these 2 yet.
  4. Wow I think this is one colour I will have to have, gorgeous! Thanks label :flowers:
  5. No problem!
  6. I started the thread on the Black Denim, they told me it will be coming out proably like f/w
  7. Wow! You're doing this AGAIN! Keep up the good work!
  8. thanks!!! :biggrin:
  9. wasn't there a rumour about a lockit mirroir? :smile:
    just wanna make sure :smile:
  10. Miroir lockit is scheduled for July so technically that falls under Spring Summer season
  11. No problem I quite enjoyed doing the last one. it helps feed my shopping addiction!
  12. thanks for doing these season summary threads, Label Addict! i know i'll be checking this thread VERY often hehe :smile:
  13. ^You're welcome
  14. :yahoo: Very Exciting news (once again with thanks to LVbabydoll a true fountain of Vuitton knowledge)

    A vernis Pegase will be made. There isn't a release date for it yet, no projected price yet it will ONLY come in Pomme and Amarante.