Fall/winter 2007-2008 Prada beauties

  1. Look what I just found at style.com! These are brand new photos right from Milan. I personally love those bow- I don't really know even how to call them- bags! And what do You Prada girls think about them????
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. OMG how COOL!!! Now THAT is a good idea!!! Love it! I wonder if any other designer will do this as well...Thanx for the pics!!
  3. Im not sure if I love that style..LOL...kinda strange..yet a different twist...LOL...HMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm loving that satchel in the first pic, but the rest are weird! That design doesn't strike me as terribly functional. But LOVE that satchel. I'm cringing now at how much that puppy will cost. What do you guys say? Around 3K? That's my vote.
  5. ^LOL..yep...AT LEAST 3 grand..I bet......
  6. Not really my style...it's like wearing a purse corsage!
  7. I checked out the Prada RTW pics on style.com today too. I was psyched to see several GREEN handbags, including this one below. I'm hoping that green will be a big color for fall, because its my favorite color!

    (I wasn't crazy about many of the particular styles that they showed, but usually what is seen on the runway is reinterpreted later for broader appeal.)

    Prada RTW 07.jpg
  8. ^OOH! I like the green!!!!